So... You've got yourself a fancy new PC... Or maybe just an old one... Or even better, you got an Apple.

Now you want it to do something. You're going to need software. You can always go throw your money away on "Industry Leading Brand Names", OR... you could use Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) and save your greenbacks for your kid's college education (they'll no doubt be as smart as you).

Having said that, I'll provide a list of software I like.  


But first, one more note... as most people realize... web-based software probably is the future.  Many 'applications' you never download/install, but simply visit their website.  As such, below are both links to traditional software, and web apps!

Bulk Download


Digital Pictures

Windows Security 

(Stop gap measures until you get OS X or Linux)


...backup, backup, backup ... seriously

This used to be a harder then not task, but it's getting better/easier/cheaper every day

Media Playback

(You know, music, movies, etc.)

Desktop Publishing and Design




Operating Systems

If you aren't absolutely in love with Micro$oft Windoze... Mac OS X is better,  Linux is FREE and pretty easy to install (or sometimes even run from just a CD).